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  1. 保健、医療又は福祉の増進を図る活動
  2. 社会教育の推進を図る活動
  3. まちづくりの推進を図る活動
  4. 観光の振興を図る活動
  5. 農山漁村又は中山間地域の振興を図る活動
  6. 学術、文化、芸術又はスポーツの振興を図る活動
  7. 環境の保全を図る活動
  8. 地域安全活動
  9. 子どもの健全育成を図る活動
  10. 情報化社会の発展を図る活動
  11. 科学技術の振興を図る活動
  12. 経済活動の活性化を図る活動
  13. 職業能力の開発又は雇用機会の拡充を支援する活動
  14. 消費者の保護を図る活動
  15. 前各号に掲げる活動を行う団体の運営又は活動に関する連絡、助言又は援助の活動



  • 大学等が有する研究成果を利活用する事業
  • 大学等が有する研究成果を発信する事業
  • 大学等の研究活動を推進する事業
  • 自治体、住民、その他団体が抱える課題に関する企画、調査、運営、受託、並びにコンサルティング事業
  • その他、この法人の目的を達成するために必要な事業

  • 広告、デザインに関する事業



The Karuizawa Advanced Academic Center (“KAAC”) aims to solve problems faced by local communities by utilizing the research results of universities and other institutions, and to promote and disseminate such research, thereby contributing to the public interest.

In order to achieve its purpose, KAAC shall engage in the following types of specified non-profit activities.

  1. Activities to promote health, medical care, or welfare
  2. Activities to promote social education
  3. Activities to promote community development
  4. Activities to promote tourism
  5. Activities to promote rural and mountainous areas
  6. Activities to promote academia, culture, arts, or sports
  7. Activities to preserve the environment
  8. Activities for community safety
  9. Activities to promote the sound upbringing of children
  10. Activities to develop the information society
  11. Activities to promote science and technology
  12. Activities to stimulate economic activities
  13. Activities to support the development of vocational skills or the expansion of employment opportunities
  14. Activities to protect consumers
  15. Liaison, advice, or assistance in the operation or activities of organizations engaged in the activities listed in the preceding items


In order to achieve its purpose, KAAC shall engage in the following activities.

(1) Business related to specified non-profit activities
  • Business that utilizes the results of research conducted by universities, etc.
  • Business that disseminates the results of research conducted by universities and other institutions
  • Projects to promote research activities of universities, etc.
  • Planning, research, management, commissioning, and consulting services related to issues faced by local governments, residents, and other organizations
  • Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of the corporation

(2) Other business
  • Business related to advertising and design


法人名 特定非営利活動法人 軽井沢先端学術センター
法人設立の年月日 平成29年12月25日
理事長 髙野双葉

Corporate overview

Corporate name The Karuizawa Advanced Academic Center (“KAAC”)
Date of establishment December 25, 2017
Chairman Futaba Takano









Our Business

Corporate Compliance Research Promotion Program

We promote research on corporate compliance with the sponsorship of companies and other organizations. Once a year, we hold a Corporate Compliance Forum to disseminate the results of our research both domestically and internationally.
If your company is interested in sponsoring our corporate compliance research, please contact us using the contact form.

Seminar Coordination

We provide total coordination services, from arranging lecturers and venues to attracting participants, setting up on the day of the seminar, reception, attendance management, etc., according to your needs. We can also handle just the venue arrangements and day-of operations, so please feel free to consult with us. Academic rates are also available.
Flyer creation is an extra charge (design services).

Design services for pamphlets, flyers, etc.

We create pamphlets and flyers. Our dedicated designers will design your brochures and flyers quickly. Use them to disseminate the results of your university’s research or to announce seminars you will be holding.
Prices vary depending on the number of pages designed and the number of copies printed.